Song Credits

Artist: E-Jay

Song: Ho$h

Produced by: Tweezy

Production Credits:

Director: Johnson Maela

Producer: Kirstin Erasmus

Cine | Editor: Dale Fortune

Lighting: Johnson Maela

Assistants: Declan Khan


A seemingly innocent house party quickly escalates into a tense conflict between two parties.
A mob boss feels disrespected by the way E-jay is moving in the City, E-jay corrects the boss by telling him he would actually like to buy him out as opposed to buying his way in.
The Mobster rages with fury and orders the henchmen to kill off E-jay and partner.
In a twist the henchmen choose to turn their gun on the Mobster. It’s at this point that the he realised that E-jay is a lot more well connected, determined and cunning than he had given him credit for.
E-jay grabs the ring and leaves with his crew.
..The party continued like nothing had ever happened.


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